Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor

What Pastors Wish They Could Tell You!


This 255 page breakthrough book is being touted by experts as a MUST READ for anyone in ministry. This transparent and pertinent book will challenge you to the core of your being. Mark Elliott takes off the gloves and gets real with what ministry is like and how to persevere in troubled times.

Pastor Mark Batterson wrote the foreword. This book is endorsed by Dr. Leonard Sweet, Dr. Ed Stetzer, Bill Easum, Dr. George Bullard, Steve Sjogren, Dr. Tom Clegg, Chris Seay, Tommy Barnett, Dr. Wayde Goodall, Rob Wegner, Nelson Searcy, Dr. Gordon Anderson, Dr. Gary Allen, Chonda Pierce, Michael James Murphy, and Dr. George Wood.

This book makes for a great small group curriculum with discussion questions at the end of every chapter. It could be used in the local church by laity, pastors' prayer groups, leadership boards, and especially by pastoral staffs. Most anyone in the church body will benefit from this book!


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 Confessions of an Insignificant Pastor

What Pastors Wish They Could Tell You!




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Jesus & You

25 Ways to Grow Your Life in Christ



"Jesus and You" is a 229 page compilation book whose forward is written by John Ashcroft, former Attorney General of the U.S. You are invited to take a journey of discovery through the ways that Jeus can grow your life, and the ways you can draw closer to Jesus Christ. Chapter authors include Dr. Mark Elliott, Glen Berteau, Huldah Buntain, Glen Cole, Alton Garrison, Beth Grant, Ken Horn, Dr. Brad Trask, Lynn Wheeler, and Dr. George O. Wood.


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